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September 2021

The EUR/JPY downtrend resulted in a 30% appreciation of the JPY. Therefore, it’s the ideal example to illustrate why traders and investors have traditionally seen the Japanese yen as a safe haven currency. It also appears that Japan’s economy is relatively isolated from global economic crises, attracting investment during these times. Skilling offers Standard and Premium accounts with competitive leverage and spreads across a...

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Alcohol can have a sedative or stimulant effect depending on the dose and the time between drinking and bedtime. Some people who drink frequently develop a tolerance to the sedative effects of alcohol. Though alcohol can have a sedative effect, it has also been linked to sleep disorders like insomnia. If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, alcohol consumption could be a contributing...

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Only 76% of new hires agreed they have what they need to do their job from home, compared to 85% of tenured employees. Though working remotely is clearly an attractive benefit, it may not be the right solution for every employee, and sometimes in-office communication is necessary. Working mothers have generally benefited from the flexibility of being able to work remotely — more of...

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