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IT Courses for Beginners

IT Courses for Beginners

IT systems, and hence IT companies, are at the heart of the tech revolution our world has witnessed in the past few decades. Pluralsight has a list full of online training courses for IT but also drives deep into video training for IT professionals and developers. The certification you pursue will likely depend on your area of interest in IT, your experience level, and what the jobs you’re interested in require. If you’re currently in an IT role, you can ask your employer what skills will be most useful for you to learn.

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The ITF+ is a beginning-level certification designed for those who want to see if IT is the right career path for them. If you’re a student or a career switcher still trying to see if IT is for you, this certification can help you decide. If you’re looking for a certification that will help you gain skills for a job in IT, other certifications like the CompTIA A+ might fit your needs better. Security is a growing field, employing 4.7 million people globally according to the 2022 (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study.


The list includes entry-level certifications that are broad enough to expose you to a variety of skills, and certifications that will equip you with more specialized skills. While earning a four-year degree in computer science or information systems is valuable, it’s not always necessary, especially since computer technology can quickly outpace curriculums. If you choose the right training solutions, you can quickly gain the IT skills employers are looking for. These new skills paired with some hands-on experience is what will get you an interview and eventually win you the job.

learning it for beginners

Get started with a free trial of CompTIA CertMaster Learn + Labs for A+. Web developer and technical writer focusing on frontend technologies. And of course there’s freeCodeCamp’s publication, where you are now, that contains over 7,000 tutorials on a wide range of tech topics.

Learning experiences designed to boost productivity

IT security specialists and information security analysts are responsible for creating and maintaining systems to protect the data of both companies and their customers. And IT help desk technicians and other computer support specialists are critical employees to manage relationships with customers. Explore our information technology (IT) courses for beginners and learn a diverse range of topics, including programming, web development, networking, database management, and cybersecurity. Discover the significance of designing, developing, and maintaining systems, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing technology infrastructure. Whether you’re new to IT or seeking to expand your knowledge, our beginners’ courses provide a solid foundation to enhance your understanding of IT concepts and strategies.

The BLS projects that available positions will grow much faster than average for web developers, information security analysts, and database administrators, to name a few. Moreover, compared to other major industries, IT positions showed relatively strong resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2021 alone, IT employers posted more than 365,000 job openings. If you want to know more about information technology as a field and IT degree paths, you’ve come to the right place. This page offers information for prospective IT students, IT careers, and what types of education programs prepare you for in-demand IT jobs.

In this self-paced, 100% online course, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge you need to become IT job-ready. With this Google certificate, you’ll learn the basics of operating systems (OS), networking, customer support, and problem-solving with code. Upon completion, you’ll earn a Career Certificate from Google.

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